Benefits of the AUM

Move your body, move your energy, move your life.


Physical Benefits:

The AUM Meditation is a highly active meditation which involves your whole body.

Through the exercises you loose weight, beautify your skin and become more radiant and glowing.

You improve your vitality and physical fitness, move your energy and loosen up your body. You will let go of physical tension in the muscles and spine.


Psychological Benefits:

The aim of the AUM Meditation is to develop emotional awareness through expressing and exploring feelings.

Cleaning out negative emotions such as anger and sorrow opens your heart and makes space for more happiness and love in your life. Getting back into your power increases your self confidence.

You will be more grounded and centered. Becoming a master of your emotions means you become the master of your own life. You learn the key to respond consciously in any given situation instead of being a victim of emotional reactive behavior. You fell more balanced and live your life more totally.


Spiritual Benefits:

The more often you do the AUM you will learn how to witness your emotions and feelings. This will deepen your meditation and clear the space for silence and inner peace. You will see your mind more clearly and gain an increases sense of mastering your mental faculties.


Social Benefits:

The AUM is a social meditation through which you will be connecting with others and learn from them. Doing the AUM with friends gives you the chance to clear out negativity, have fun and share your heart. Hugging is healing and coming close to others will nourish you.


Health Benefits:

By expressing repressed emotions you will free your body and prevent illness. Stress will be reduced, your blood pressure will be more balanced and detoxify your body. It helps boost your immune system and increase your capacity to heal yourself.